Planting seeds of visions and dreams for the future!

Every student has a dream of what they want to be when they grow up. Sometimes they just can't visualize it!  Kids n Careers specializes in career photography for students from elementary to middle school grade levels. Our goal is to help them have a vision for the future with career photography.

Kids n Careers can be a vital part of your Career Day or College Week activities by coming to your school and dressing students up in career outfits to have the look of the career they're aspiring to be. Career dress-up can be motivational in that helps them explore career options in a fun way.

It is our belief that if we can get students to visualize their dreams and goals for the future by planting seeds through photography, then this is the beginning process of students seeing and believing in themselves for the future.

Unlike school photos, where normally the photos are meant for parents and family members, Kids n Careers photos are meant primarily for the student. They are designed for the student to hang on their bedroom wall so they can be inspired to dream and to dream big everyday!

Our mission is to "Inspire kids to be what they want to be"!